who ARE WE

From Flooring Nerds To digital Geeks

Where we started

Born and bred in NZ, we started in the flooring industry fresh out of school. When we were confident enough, we opened our flooring company. This is when we realized that digital marketers do not speak our language. We've wasted tons of money on websites, SEO, and ads that did not produce results. We asked marketers that had no clue about our industry, to market us, which brought no results to our business.
This is when we took the matter into our hands. For 7 years we spend nights and weekends learning about our clients, website design, SEO, and digital marketing. Until we got to the point we made our business work for us.

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Our Passion and Value

Where we are heading

Armed with creativity, visionary ideas, and original thinking, we aim to elevate brands to the next level. Our goal is to help small businesses grow, by working hard to understand what our clients want and how we can help them achieve it.
Everything we do, we've first tested on our own flooring business, to make sure it works.
We might still be small, but we want to grow and reach the top. Without the growth and success of our clients, our success will not be possible.

We aim to build relationships that work and last.
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Some of Our Valued Customers

We help small businesses adapt, thrive and grow in a changing environment.
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Epoxy Flooring and Concrete floor contractor in RGV Texas
Epoxy Flooring Legends SEO
Epoxy Flooring and Concrete floor contractor in Bakersfield, CA
Epoxy Flooring Legends SEO
Epoxy Flooring and Concrete floor contractor in Atlanta, Georgia
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