Are polished concrete floors cold

Are polished concrete floors cold


re polished concrete floors cold? Many people who have polished concrete floors in their homes ask themselves this question. To answer that question, we have to look at a few things.

First, polished concrete is a hard-wearing surface and looks great when polished with proper treatment.

Second, polished concrete floors are just regular polished concrete without any sealers or treatments besides the polishing process leaving them hygienic and sterile.

Third, polished concrete can also be integrated into radiant heating systems with modern technology making polished concrete incredibly versatile with heating packages you would never see on solid wood floors. The idea of polished concrete being cold is just no longer valid with how high-tech the product has become over the years so don't think twice about it now knowing polished concrete can be incredibly warm to the touch.

Polished Concrete Floors May Be Quite Chilly.

Polished concrete floors can be cold, but polished concrete is a versatile product, able to provide warmth in winter months.

Many popular flooring options are frigid during the winter months without heating and thermal mass heating. The difference between polished concrete and other flooring materials is that it can retain heat and gently release it, which is ideal for the winter months. However polished concrete requires some special considerations. A polished concrete subfloor needs to be smooth, stable, flat with no dips or hollows, or bumps. This will help ensure there is even contact with foot traffic over the surface of the polished concrete slab.

Sealing Polished Concrete Floors

By sealing polished concrete floors with a penetrating sealer, protects the polished concrete surface so it can provide the benefits of the polished concrete year after year, even if you move away or decide to sell your home. Like any flooring material polished concrete will eventually wear out, but there is no other flooring material that lasts as long as polished concrete. With proper maintenance, polished concrete slabs can serve several generations of owners. Sealing polished concrete essentially protects the life span of a polished concrete floor.

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