How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Take to Cure?


hen customers come to us for epoxy flooring information, one of the top questions is, how much time will it take to cure completely? And it makes sense. Everyone wants to walk on their new floor as soon as they can, yet at the same time, they do not want to take any risk of damaging the epoxy layer in a hurry. 

Because once it is damaged or has any issue with cleanliness, many difficult steps have to be taken to compensate for this damage. In this article, you will get the answers to all your questions that may be useful when working on the epoxy floor. 

What is the Curing Time for Epoxy Flooring?

It is always satisfying to look at the solid, smooth, shiny floor with attractive designs and patterns on the floor. We are talking about epoxy flooring and it is important to notice that it has become famous because it provides a tough, durable surface ideal for every kind of flooring. Whether you are searching for a type of floor for industrial usage or want to decorate your kitchen or any part of your house or hotel. It will be helpful for you if you will study the factors affecting the curing time of your floor. 

Factors Affecting the Curing time of  Epoxy Floor

If using 100% solids epoxy, your floor will be cured and walkable in about 12 - 18 hours. The installation process of the epoxy floor has many stages and phases, all of which are different for different types and patterns of the epoxy floor. Yet, if you want to have a clear idea about the curing time of your floor, you must know some essential timing of different layers and after that, you can easily calculate or estimate the time for your floor. First, look at the basic factors that depend upon the curing time of the floor.

Brand of the Epoxy Floor

Every brand of epoxy products is not the same. Many brands manufacture different epoxy products and arrange several types to provide the required results to every customer at the price and quality they want. So, when choosing the product for your floor, you must study the description on the back side of the tin or packaging for the details of curing time and other features.

The Proportion of the Epoxy Floor Mixture

While making the mixture of the epoxy floor to spread it into the base, you have to take care of the proportion of each product you are using in it. Usually, the Part A and Part B mixtures have different compositions according to the requirements and therefore, the curing time also depends upon the proportion of the epoxy floor mixture. 

Numbers of Layers For Epoxy Floor 

Not all epoxy floors have the same number of layers. We hope you know that there are different layers on the epoxy floors that collectively provide you with a strong, hard, lustrous, and long-lasting epoxy floor that you will love. You must wait for a certain time at every stage for it to cure. So, depending on the type of floor you choose, the curing time can be calculated. 

The Style of the Epoxy Floor

When you go to the professionals for the work on your floor, they will ask about the style of the epoxy floor. Because of the popularity and demand for epoxy floors, certain types and designs have been introduced into the market for epoxy floors. It would be best if you talked to them about the curing time of each of the styles for the proper calculation of the time. 


We work with many professional epoxy floor designers that work in different ways to provide the best results. Through experience over the years when we were epoxy installers, we have come to know almost every type of epoxy flooring, and by using different factors and calculations, we have concluded that, on average, the epoxy floor takes 72 hours to fully cure without any issues. 

There are different ways to declare the floor ready for different tasks, but over 72 hours, your epoxy will not be damaged by normal usage if everything is kept perfect. We suggest that you never take the risk of using your uncured or partially cured floor. To have the best experience, talk to one of our clients in your area below.

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