Do you need anti-slip additive in your epoxy floor?


f you are planning to get a new epoxy floor and you've been asked if you need it to be slip-resistant, you might wonder if you really need it. The truth is that adding an anti-slip additive to the final coat of your new floor depends on where the floor is and how it will be used. Below, we've listed a few things to help you decide if you need a non-slippery epoxy floor.

High Traffic Areas

For areas expecting high foot traffic, opting for an anti-slip epoxy floor is a wise choice. This decision prioritizes the safety of those walking on the floor, significantly reducing the risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

Spills And Incidents

Once fully cured, epoxy surfaces are smooth. However, this smoothness can pose a significant risk when wet, as it becomes slippery. In areas that frequently experience spills or handle liquids, such as mechanic repair shops, public changing rooms, locker rooms, and manufacturing facilities, it's essential to install non-slip epoxy flooring. Additionally, consider the potential for equipment to slide, fall, or shift on a smooth surface.

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor concrete can be slippery in icy or wet conditions caused by precipitation. If you live in an area where you get a lot of rain, snow and ice, you might want to consider whether your epoxy can benefit from having an anti-slip agent. Slip-resistant outdoor flooring will provide added traction when the floor is slippery or icy.

In general, anti-slip additives can increase floor safety and prevent unnecessary slip-and-fall incidents. Slip-resistant epoxy floors can greatly benefit commercial and industrial properties. Non-slip epoxy floors can also benefit residential outdoor areas and increase family safety.

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