The Pros and Cons of Epoxy Floors


poxy floors are the first choice of every user who is interested in having a reliable, elegant, and smooth floor that lasts with you for years without creating any trouble for you. These floors have been popular for industrial use but now, with their popularity,  people are interested in installing them in offices, houses, gyms, restaurants, and any other places where durable and shiny floors are required. 

But everything has its own positive and negative points. For example, when talking about epoxy floors, we know all the points about it because we use to be epoxy flooring installers, maintenance, and usage of the epoxy floor for years. Therefore, we are here to tell you about this fantastic floor in detail. Yet, it is important to know about the introduction of the epoxy floor. 

What is an Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floors are basically made with resin and hardener in different compositions according to the style and design of the floor you are choosing. This magical floor has a plain, non-porous surface reflecting the light perfectly to provide you with a glossy look that always attracts everyone. 

Because of the availability of different designs on this floor using numerous colors, people choose this floor for their offices and houses in different ways. Yet, these are not the ideal floors because, after the installation of these floors, people face some problems that they discuss with us. We are the experts on epoxy floors; therefore, we know how to deal with any kind of problem associated with these floors. 

Advantages of the Epoxy Floors

Till now, we have provided you with many points that emphasize the advantages of epoxy floors but for your convenience, we have made this guide so that you may check the advantages that you want from your dream floor. 

Budget Friendly Floor

The first thing that most customers notice is the price of the floor to check whether they can afford that particular product or not. Epoxy is an affordable choice for everyone when they compare it with the tiles or marble flooring that comes in a variety of offers. However, still, these are considered more expensive than epoxy floors. Moreover, the installation cost of epoxy floors is less than the other types. The hard materials need heavy machinery to cut and shape the floor, but when we talk about epoxy floors, these require fewer types of equipment than others. 

Resistant Nature

The good thing about epoxy floors is their resistant nature because the main substance in this floor is resin. The types of resistance these floors provide are listed below.

  • It is a relief that these floors are heat resistant. It means in hot or cold weather, these do not change their temperature abruptly and therefore, are easy to use all the time. 
  • The shock-resistant nature of this epoxy sometimes makes this floor life-saving. Most of the time, electricity shocks are life-threatening, and if a person is standing on the epoxy floors, there are great chances that the circuit is not completed and the shock does not exist for a long time. 
  • Water resistance is another quality of this floor that is the main reason behind its popularity. The rubber-like nature of this floor gives you the ease of using the water on the floor and as soon as you clean your surface, the effects of water are gone. Water does not damage the epoxy floors and you can use it for a long time. 

Strength of the Floor

If you are the person who is searching for the durability and reliability of the floor all the time then epoxy floors are best for you. There is some elasticity in the nature of epoxy floor therefore, you can use it in harsh conditions as well. This is the core reason why epoxy floors are on the priority list for people who are in need of durable floors that can bear the dragging of heavy objects and driving large vehicles on the floor. 

Disadvantages of Epoxy Floors

Once you know the pros of epoxy floors, it's time to discuss the cons as well. Although this type of floor has fewer disadvantages, it is essential to discuss them before we suggest epoxy floors even if we think critically. So here are some points related to the cons of epoxy floors:

Strong Toxic Fumes

During the installation process, a strong fume is usually observed that can not be bear for a long time. But once the floor is installed, these fumes go gradually.

A Long Wait Time

During the installation process, epoxy is in liquid form while the workers apply it to your concrete. Then the curing process starts while you wait for the setting of this liquid into a hard and rigid coating. It takes up to 7 days for the epoxy to be cured enough for usage. 

Cracks on the Floor

We know epoxy floors are a reliable choice but keep in mind these can be cracked under high pressure or temperature if not installed well. So, always choose all your epoxy floor needs to overcome these issues. The same problem is for every kind of floor and this is not only associated with epoxy floors.

Slippery with Liquid

This is one of the main important disadvantages of epoxy floors. Due to its non-porous nature, epoxy floors become highly slippery when any type of liquid is spilled on the floor such as water, juices, grease, and other liquids. Yet, if you clean the surface thoroughly and request an anti-slip to be applied to the epoxy floor, this issue can be eliminated. 


Epoxy floors are one of the best choices among other flooring types but also have some disadvantages. Keep in mind it has fewer disadvantages than other types; therefore, we suggest epoxy floors for the best usage. You can contact us directly if you have any questions or want any help regarding the epoxy floors. 

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