How do you epoxy a warehouse floor?


o you work in a dark, dusty warehouse? Walking and driving over your bare concrete floor will slowly build dust, as will normal use of your warehouse. The dust will then float around your warehouse, coating all of your products and equipment in a fine layer of dust.

Due to insufficient lighting, warehouses are frequently dark; this is where epoxy floor coatings come into play. Epoxy floor coatings not only minimize dust caused by everyday traffic flowing across your floor, but a light grey epoxy coating will also brighten up your warehouse and reflect light better than any other color.

To Epoxy Your Warehouse Floor

To epoxy your warehouse floor, the first step is to diamond grind the concrete. Diamond grinding the concrete floor removes any existing coatings, flattens the surface, and creates a surface for the epoxy resin to soak into and adhere to.

After the concrete has been ground with concrete grinders, the damaged concrete must be repaired using epoxy repair mortar. This is a mixture of epoxy resin and sand that cures to be 4x harder than concrete. All you need is diamond cutting, jack hammer, and a trowel to restore your warehouse floor.

It's time to apply the first coat of 100 percent solids epoxy after fixing the concrete and vacuuming the area. The first layer of epoxy acts as a primer, and it is slightly thinned to let the 100 percent solids epoxy to sink deeper into the concrete and truly bond with it.

Now it is time to inspect the floor for any missing repairs, such as bolt holes and low spots, after allowing the first coat of epoxy set overnight. Make an epoxy paste with resin and filler powder instead of an epoxy mortar to fill in these imperfections and make the surface nice and smooth for the second layer of epoxy. Apply 100 percent solids epoxy to the warehouse floor with 5% thinners, making sure to apply it consistently for an even coat appearance.

The next step is to caulk the saw cuts and control joints to prevent the warehouse floor from cracking. Caulking the gaps also gives the floor a great finish and prevents debris from falling in. Allow enough time for the epoxy to cure, and you'll have a well-coated epoxy floor that also adds a lot of light to your warehouse.

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