How to clean concrete garage floors


ow To Clean Concrete Garage Floors

Step 1 - Make clean garage floors with warm water and detergent:

Making clean garage floors is an easy process if you combine a little bit of soapy water and your power jet wand. Mix one-third cup powdered laundry detergent in a gallon of clean warm water. If you have stubborn stains on your garage floor, mix some cleaning acid in the water to clean the floor completely.

Step 2 - Clean garage floors with a nylon-bristle brush:

After cleaning your garage floor, clean it once more with a clean nylon-bristle brush. The bristles of this brush will help clean small stains or scrub away any grime that you missed in the previous round. This second clean should clean up any dirt, rust or grime that remains.

Step 3 - Rinse clean garage floors:

Don't forget to clean your clean garage floor with your power jet wand. This will rinse away the soap and clean the surface completely. Be sure to clean in between all joints in concrete because a build-up of dirt there can cause moisture damage.

Step 4 - Remove clean garage floors with a pressure washer:

Remove clean garage floors with your power jet wand, but only if the floor is first covered with clean water. If you remove clean garage floors without using clean water as the lubricant, the floor may become damaged. Warm, soapy water has a lot of power when it comes to keeping clean garage floors clean and removing small stains.

Easy To Clean Epoxy Garage Floors

If you want clean garage flooring then epoxy garage floor is the best solution. This kind of flooring lasts a long time and it does not have to be replaced as other paint-type finishes can do. Epoxy garage floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, plus they come in many different colors from one solid color to vinyl flake chips, and is a smooth surface that does not allow anything to penetrate it.

It can be swept clean of any dirt or grime, then mopped clean with water and the epoxy garage floor will not be damaged in any way by this procedure. This is probably the best type of garage flooring to have if you want a clean and durable garage floor. The epoxy does not chip or peel so it will be clean and attractive for years. This is especially important in garages because the floors tend to get very dirty over time, but with epoxy garage flooring clean-up can be as easy as sweeping clean and mopping clean.

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