Is epoxy flake flooring smooth?


poxy flake flooring is smooth and has a texture from the flake. Epoxy flake flooring is hard wearing and easy to clean. If you need anti slip then this can be incorporated in the top coat to give you extra grip.

Some of the range of epoxy flake floors will have slightly more flake than others. It is the flake depth which decides the roughness. The flake depth can vary from product to product with some having only a slight flake thus making it more smooth and no texture with others that have flake deep enough to offer texture giving you grip for safer walking on your floors.

Epoxy flake flooring comes in many different colors and can be tailored to your needs. If you want a floor that is easy to clean and maintain, then epoxy flake flooring is the perfect choice for you. Epoxy flake floors are also great for areas that need anti slip properties as the flake will give you extra grip.

Flake sizes also differ, with some flake being larger and others smaller. This again can alter the look and feel of your floor.

If you are looking for a floor that is unique and has a lot of character, then epoxy flake flooring is definitely the way to go. Epoxy flake flooring is perfect for both domestic and commercial properties. With its hard wearing properties, it is perfect for high traffic areas. So if you are looking for a floor that will last, epoxy flake flooring is the answer.

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Is Flake Flooring Smooth And Textured?

Yes, epoxy flake flooring is smooth. The flake texture is made by the flake itself.

Epoxy flake flooring is hard-wearing and easy to clean. This is because it can be designed with extra grip with an anti-slip topcoat giving you that little bit of extra safety when walking with wet feet or in high shoes.

Epoxy flake floorings main role is to be hard-wearing and easy to clean. As flake epoxy resin flooring can be used in schools, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and so on where the flake epoxy resin will stand up against scuffs, knocks, and wear during cleaning.

You can also incorporate color into your flake epoxy resin flooring giving you a range of design options to choose from. This can brighten up any area and really give it that pop that you may be looking for. Flake epoxy resin is a great choice for areas that see a lot of traffic and where easy cleaning is essential. So, if you are looking for a hard-wearing, easy to clean flooring solution then flake epoxy resin may be the perfect choice for you.

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