Why Pay For Google Ads


hese days when people want to find something, they more than often search for it on Google.

As a business, you want to come up on their searches and be one of the first results they see!

Nowadays it doesn’t matter how good your business is, how well optimized your website is and what your customers think of you. If you are not a well-known and “hot/trendy” business, you will struggle to show organically on the top of search engines result pages, let it be Google, Bing or Yahoo.

This is especially true if you are trying to rank for highly competitive searches, where people are looking for specific services like epoxy flooring, polished concrete or garage flooring. 

Luckily there is a solution to make search engines show you at the top of their search results.

Pay per click (PPC) ads such as Google Ads and paid social advertising can help you get the attention your business deserves. If you think about it, there is no better time to advertise your business than when someone has decided they want your service and is actively looking to buy it.

In simple words, PPC is bidding on keywords related to your business to get your ad in front of users and pay the search engines a small fee for it, every time someone clicks on your ad.

If your ad campaign is set right, to target the right keywords, right location, this can turn into a very profitable way to get in front of potential clients who are looking for your service.

Paid Search Platforms

Google is certainly the biggest search platform out there, representing 70-80% of the online search traffic. There are 3 billion searches daily performed on the platform and this number is growing.

As a flooring business, you need a strong search engine presence to be competitive, which means showing Google Ads in search results right when consumers are looking to buy. 

The truth of today’s business is that choosing not to compete on Google is like choosing to hand your potential clients to your competitors.

To create successful paid advertising, you need to consider: 

1.Targeting specific audience

2.Creating engaging ads

3.Setting call to action for actions you want your potential clients to make

4.Promoting special offers

Here at Epoxy Flooring Legends, we have the right resources and knowledge to help you succeed in paid marketing.

When paid marketing fails.

It’s proven that paid marketing can bring fantastic and profitable results for your business. But if not done right, can also be a great way to waste your hard-earned money.

There are a few paid search challenges that every online ad campaign has to overcome. If it doesn’t, you are just donating your money to the search engine and your clients to your competitors.


As a flooring business, you have a lot of completion … from ex-employees who started their own business, well-established flooring companies and people who are just starting out in the flooring industry. 

The closer the customer is to a conversion (book your service), the more expensive it is to market to them. Like we said before paid marketing, targets people who are ready to buy. As a result, the completion for these customers is fierce.

If you don’t have a great strategy on how to deal with your completion, it can be very difficult to make money out of paid marketing.


Paid marketing is very effective, but can also be expensive. With Pay per Click, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. If your ad is not set right, the amount you spend on it can add up very quickly.

While you can work with a small budget, the higher amount you spend, the more effective the ad is. This is why it is important to know your business, your competitors, potential clients and have a strategy if you want to succeed with a small budget.


Search platforms like AdWords, make setting up a paid search campaign easy. After all, AdWords make money off you no matter whether your campaign is successful or not.

The goal of having a paid search campaign is to bring more money to your business, where AdWords’ complexity comes. There are a lot of subtleties to managing a profitable ad campaign and the amount of time required to master and maintain paid search marketing. A paid search account needs to be optimized if not every day, every week in order to be successful.

A lot of flooring businesses find it difficult and overwhelming to juggle between being on-site, dealing with inquiries, maintaining a website, social media, marketing and finding time for personal life. 
This is why having someone who understands your business manages the nerdy part of it, can be beneficial for your business in the long term.

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