How do you repair concrete?

Broken concrete is an issue that, if left unattended, will continue to deteriorate, posing a safety risk to people, cars, and even the structure itself. When left to deteriorate, the only way to repair concrete is to remove it and replace it.

Epoxy concrete repair is the greatest approach to restore concrete before it reaches this condition.

What is the epoxy concrete repair?

Epoxy concrete repair is a mix of sand and epoxy resin with a sand-to-epoxy resin ratio of no more than 6 parts sand to 1 part epoxy resin. Going beyond this consistency will be too weak and will not be able to repair the concrete on its own. The mix you prepare depends on where the concrete repair is. For example, 5 parts sand to 1 part epoxy is appropriate for repairing a concrete pothole, but if you want to fix vertically damaged concrete, you'll need to go somewhat drier so it doesn't droop.

How do you do the epoxy concrete repair?

To begin, you'll need to cut and jackhammer the damaged concrete to remove any dirt and loose debris.

The second step is to vacuum and clean the damaged concrete; following vacuuming, a leaf blower or compressed air can be used to ensure that all dust is gone.

The third step is to use the epoxy resin alone to prime the prepared concrete repair. Mix the resin primer and apply it to the entire surface that has to be repaired.

The fourth step is to mix up your epoxy concrete repair and trowel it into the damaged area, making sure the epoxy is nice and tight and doesn't look porous.

To provide more resilience to the epoxy concrete mortar, the fifth and last step is to topcoat the concrete repair with epoxy resin.


Epoxy concrete repair is the strongest technique to repair concrete before having to rip the current concrete down to the gravel and start again, making it the more cost-effective and time-saving alternative.

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