how to clean stained concrete floors?

Decorative stained concrete offers a number of advantages that other flooring materials can't match, particularly when it comes to design versatility. It is by far, the most popular method for enhancing both residential and commercial concrete floors. The stains used can be applied to either new or existing concrete floors. Once you have already installed your stained concrete floors comes the question of how to maintain them.
The answer is that with a simple cleaning regime your stained concrete floors will look like new for many years.

Residential stained concrete

Residential stained concrete floors in general experience light foot traffic, meaning the sealers applied to protect them do not wear off as quickly as with commercial stained concrete floors.
Following a simple cleaning schedule will ensure your floors stay in good shape for longer. Ensure that your concrete floors are dry dust or damp mop regularly to remove any grime or dirt. This also prevents abrasion.
For an occasional deep cleaning use a damp mop with a pH-neutral cleaner and some water.
To add an extra layer of protection, seal your concrete floors with a good film-forming sealer and a coat of wax or floor finish. The sealer or wax needs to be reapplied every couple of years, depending on wear.

Commercial Stained Concrete

Commercial stained concrete floors experience a lot heavier foot traffic than residential concrete floors. Ensure your commercial concrete floors are dry dust or damp mopped at the end of the working day. At least once a week use a pH-neutral cleaner and water. For big commercial properties, floor scrubbers and buffers work great.
Depending on the foot traffic you will need to reapply sealer or floor wax, more often compared to a residential property.


Concrete sealers are extremely important, as they protect the floor from water, dirt, stains, and abrasion. They not only prolong the life of your concrete floor, but they can also enhance the color and add sheen to the finish.

Floor waxes

Floor waxes are a great additional layer of protection for commercial stained concrete floors, that preserves the sealer from the daily wear and tear your floor receives. It protects from abrasion, dirt, and stains. In general, wax is easier to reapply than a sealer. It is also a lot easier to remove minor scratches and wear and tear from floor waxes than from a sealer.

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