How to clean unsealed concrete floors?

When it comes to cleaning concrete, there are no simple solutions. Outside, a commercial high-pressure washer is the most popular technique to clean concrete surfaces, while inside, a severe scrub, mop, and bucket is the most usual way to clean concrete floors.

If you don't want to spend countless hours cleaning unsealed concrete floors every few months only to have them still look bad. The best alternative then is to invest the time and money in hiring a professional flooring contractor to grind the concrete and apply a decorative coating.

Clean Unsealed Concrete With Concrete Grinder

Diamond grinding the concrete cleans the unsealed concrete by removing the top few millimeters, leaving the floor fresh and ready for an epoxy coating or concrete sealer to bond to. After you've ground and sealed the concrete, it'll be a lot easier to maintain clean, require less effort, and look fantastic.

Grind And Seal Unsealed Concrete Floors

If you want to save money while still having a great, easy-to-clean concrete floor, Grind And Seal is an excellent alternative. The finished product resembles polished concrete, but instead of polishing, the concrete contractor will seal the unsealed concrete floor with a clear concrete sealer or clear epoxy coating.

Because the concrete has been sealed after a grind and seal, dirt and liquids cannot sink into the sealed concrete floor and will instead sit on top. Cleaning the concrete floor with a mop and bucket will be simple.

Clean Your Concrete And Apply Epoxy Flake Flooring

Epoxy Flake Flooring is a wonderful choice for untreated concrete floors both indoors and out. It's decorative, but it's also a flexible coating that makes it impermeable to liquids and easy to clean when it gets dirty.

If your unsealed concrete is outside, anti-slip or non-slip epoxy flake flooring can be applied to the top layer, ensuring that you have grip under your feet even when it rains. When you drop oil or antifreeze on the sealed garage floor, Epoxy Flake Flooring is wonderful since it is hot tire resistant, chemical resistant, and easy to clean.

Protect You Concrete With a Decorative Overlay

If you have unsealed concrete and strive to maintain it clean all the time to safeguard your property, it will deteriorate with time. Sealing your unsealed concrete not only cleans it, but also preserves it by functioning as a giant decorative bandage on the concrete floor or driveway.

Concrete Overlays are a terrific way to clean your concrete floors while also adding patterns and colors to unsealed concrete surfaces. Concrete overlays with different stencils are commonly used on driveways and patios to make the surface look like pavers or have brick borders.

These are also quite easy to clean, so instead of battling with cleaning and scrubbing unsealed concrete floors, you can effortlessly clean your new sealed concrete surface with a leaf blower, hose, and broom. Request a price for your unsealed concrete from one of the contractors listed below.

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