Epoxy floor thickness explained

You might have done some research on epoxy flooring and noticed that epoxy floor coatings can vary in thickness.
Epoxy floor coatings vary depending on the area they are installed in. If you are installing epoxy flooring in a business that doesn't get a lot of foot traffic or in a residential garage, the coating thickness will be much less than if the floor is installed in harsh environment with heavy foot traffic and chemical spills.

Thin epoxy coatings

Thin epoxy coatings with thickness between 4-6mil are great for areas that do not get a lot of foot traffic such as car garages, living areas, break rooms, storage areas and hallways. These coatings are enough to keep the floor looking great without a lot of maintenance and be durable.
When choosing epoxy coatings, make sure to do your research between water-based and solid epoxies. Water based epoxies tend have a lower count of solids, less durable, shorter life span and hence are cheaper than solid epoxies. If you decide to install a water based epoxy, a good way to build floor thickness is to install a thick primer and then a layer on top of a polyurethane topcoat, which will protect the floor from damages.

Thick epoxy coatings

If your floor gets a lot of foot traffic and you need it to withstand constant wear and tear, an epoxy coating system between 10-20 mils thick or 2-3 coat, will be best suited. These systems consist of primer, base coat in a chosen color and a topcoat. A thicker epoxy coating will give the floor a solid base, while creating an attractive and extremely durable decorative flooring.

Ultra thick epoxy coating

If you run an industrial space, warehouse, machine shop, manufacturing plant or food and beverage production plant, you may need an epoxy floor that can accommodate the use of heavy machinery, chemical spills and vehicle traffic.
Most economical and resistant epoxy coating are slurry epoxies which are a 3 component epoxy mortar mix. These slurry mixes which usually contain sand are troweled onto the floor and build up a super resistant base coat of up to 125 mils. A protective topcoat is then applied to seal and protect the floor giving it an aesthetic appeal.

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