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As a homeowner you want your floor not only to look good but to be durable and easily maintained. Almost every surface we put in our house has its drawbacks. Tiles can crack and the grout in between is hard to clean, wooden floors require re-polishing every couple of years, and carpets are hard to clean.

Epoxy floors on the other hand are none of the above. They are durable, can last years and the best part they are easy to clean and maintain. As they are non-porous, they allow dust and dirt to just float on the top. As it is a seamless floor, it has no gaps in between, preventing dirt and bacteria to get trapped.

A lot of people think epoxy is only good for garages, but the truth is nowadays you can find epoxy in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc.

Why interior designers love epoxy flooring?

Epoxy has become the flooring choice for many designers. It not only has a modern-looking finish but can also solve a variety of flooring issues.

Epoxy floors are versatile, allowing interior designers and homeowners to unleash their creativity. The endless color pallets, allow for any color combinations to suit each living space.

Epoxy is known to be able to even out surfaces that can be hard to deal with. This cheap way of making a surface smooth and even can leave a budget for other areas of the house.

Epoxy can be customized with inlays and patterns, creating one of a kind floor, without breaking the bank. It offers endless possibilities of what can be created. Metallic epoxy with its 3D look is one example, where different colored epoxy is allowed to float and mix with each other on the floor. This way ensuring no two floors are the same.

Why should you choose epoxy floors for your home?

The answer is simple really. Epoxy is one material that will let you unleash your creativity without breaking the bank. You want marble floors like in the White House but can't justify spending so much money. Marble-looking epoxy is your solution. You love wooden floors, but you don't have the time or money to maintain them. Well with metallic epoxy we can achieve wood looking floors. Or maybe you suffer from allergies and your house needs to be immaculately clean. Great news, epoxy is easy to clean and does not trap any dust on its surface.

Or maybe you would like to make your friends and neighbors jealous and increase the value of your property. The cheapest and easiest way to do it is by laying epoxy floors. With epoxy your floor becomes your canvas, it doesn't need to be a plain boring color anymore. It can have a logo of your favorite team, it can have a fairy of colors

Epoxy floors are durable, last years, easy to maintain, and clean and can make everyone jealous. What more can we want from a floor?

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