How to keep your epoxy flooring looking like new

Epoxy is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, not only for their garages but also their interiors. Its glossy look and low maintenance add an elegant and unique appearance to every room.

It being so easy to clean, it doesn't take much to keep your epoxy floor looking new for longer.

There are just a few easy things to do to ensure your floor is looking new all the time.

Protect your epoxy floor from damage

Even that epoxy is one of the most durable and hard-wearing surfaces out there, it is also prone to damage. Luckily there are few simple things, you can do to protect your floor from damage.

Place protective pads on any heavy furniture, especially if they have metal legs. This way when you move them around your home, you'll prevent them from scratching your epoxy floor.

If you have a motorbike, place a soft pad on the motorbike stand when parked. This way the soft pad will absorb the weight and not your floor.

Regular Cleaning Of Epoxy Flooring

It doesn't take much to keep your epoxy floor sparkling clean. Regular cleaning will ensure your epoxy floor looks like new for longer. Use a vacuum to remove any dust and dirt. Do not leave on the floor any liquids that can stain your epoxy floor. Mop your floor regularly, using either a steam mop or microfiber mop.

Make sure you do not use any products that contain vinegar or citric acid, as they can slowly de-gloss the epoxy finish. Avoid using soap-based products, as they can leave a hazy build-up on the epoxy floors. Also if not removed properly they can make the surface slippery.

Get rid of tough stains

Certain liquids such as motor oil can stain your epoxy floor. Making sure you wipe them away immediately can prevent this. To remove stubborn stains from your floor, find a product that contains water and ammonia or just ammonia diluted in water. The solution is powerful enough to treat the stains. The secret to removing stubborn stains is the quick response. Do not leave stains to dry on the floor.

For tough or old stains you can lightly scrub them away using a soft scrub pad or soft deck brush. Avoid scrubbing too hard or using the harsh chemical as they can leave marks on your floor.

Do a deep cleaning once a year

Like every other surface, epoxy requires deep cleaning at least once a year or twice a year. Deep cleaning removes all of the dust and dirt build-ups.

Even that you can do a deep cleaning on your own, we recommend using a flooring professional to restore the shine of your epoxy. Epoxy flooring experts use polishing machines to bring back the shine to your floor and know what products to use on different stains. It's a more cost-effective way to keep your floor looking elegant.


Overall epoxy is extremely durable, long-lasting, and resilient. With proper cleaning and maintenance schedule and protecting your floor from damage, you can keep your epoxy shiny for years. However, if epoxy has reached its lifespan and all the gloss is gone permanently, maybe it will be time to call a professional to reapply a brand new coat of epoxy.

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