Random versus full epoxy flake broadcast

If you are deciding to get a flake epoxy floor for your home or business and wondering why some quotes are much cheaper than others, there can be one good reason for it.
Some companies would do a "confetti" or random flake broadcast, compared to full flake broadcast done by others. Here are the difference between them both.

What is Partial epoxy flake broadcast?

As the name suggests random or partial flake broadcast is when the flakes are randomly scattered on the floor mainly for decoration purposes. This type of broadcasting is usually found in DIY epoxy kits. The level of partial broadcast can vary between Light Broadcast .25lbs – .5 lbs. per 100 sq. feet; Medium Broadcast: .5 lbs.- 2 lbs. per 100 sq. feet.
Some might argue that the flakes in a random broadcast are used to provide traction and hide imperfections in the floor, but the reality is that because this system is missing a whole layer, it is not as strong and flexible as full broadcast flake.

What is full flake broadcast?

Full broadcast flake means that the concrete floor is covered with flakes. When you look at the floor, the color of the coating becomes almost irrelevant, the main thing you see is the flake system, that looks like a granite or stone.
A properly installed full flake system is a lot more durable and stronger than random flake system. With a full broadcast you essentially have an extra coat on your floor - primer, basecoat, flake coat and topcoat.
The recommended size of the flakes should be 1/4", because they can be applied in a single broadcast, cover well and have great strength. Full broadcast is usually no less than a pound of flake per 5 sq feet, meaning that for a double garage you will need roughly 100 pounds of flake.
In a full flake broadcast, you will usually use two coats of topcoat. The first one will be to fill in any gaps between the flakes and the second one to smooth out the floor.

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