Pet friendly epoxy floors

Every pet owner will agree that having a pet comes with its challenges. Hair floating around, nail scratches, the occasional accidents, leaks and vomit, soil, dirt, and mud brought back to the house after playing outside.

Having a pet is a responsibility and providing them with suitable living arrangements is beneficial both for the pet and the owner.

Benefits of epoxy flooring vs other floors

Scratch and anti-slip resistant floors

If your pet is full of energy and loves running around the house, then epoxy flooring will be ideal for you. Compared with tiles and wooden floors which can be slippery especially when wet, epoxy can be slip-resistant, allowing your pet to have a better grip, without sliding around when running around.

When running, pets can leave scratches, especially on wooden floors. Over time the scratches become bigger and deeper, potentially releasing wooden splinters, which can be dangerous both for your pet and yourself. Epoxy is an extremely durable surface, which is impossible to be scratched or chipped by dog claws.

Seamless non-porous surface

Compared to tiles and wooden floors, epoxy does not have any gaps, which can trap hair, mud, or liquids. With tiles and wooden floors, any accidents, leaks or vomit can soak into the tiles grout or the gap between the wooden planks. With carpets, liquids can soak straight into the material, making it extremely difficult to clean.

Epoxy is non-porous, meaning anything that has been spilled on top, stays on top. This includes soil and hair. As a pet's urine contains ammonia, having a non-porous surface will prevent odor from being trapped in your flooring.

As the liquid cannot soak into the epoxy floor, it cannot leave stains on it, compared to other surfaces like vinyl or carpet.

As epoxy is non-porous, it is extremely easy to clean. All it takes a microfiber mop to remove any liquids, dirt, hair, mud, or soil from your epoxy floor.

Epoxy is also chemically, acid and alkaline resistant, meaning it can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals, sanitizers, and animal urine and waste.

Flooring that is safe for your pet

Epoxy does not emit any harmful odors or fumes while installed or after it's been cured. Pets cannot rip or chew it like carpet or vinyl or sometimes even wooden floor. Being a seamless floor prevents your pet from potentially swallow part of your floor and potentially choke on it.

Exceptional durability

As a pet owner, you need a floor that can perform year after year and still look like new. Compared to other flooring options which cannot withstand the wear and tear from pets, epoxy can.

With its scratch, odor, stain, and chemical resistance, you can ensure that you have a floor that is hygienic and safe both for you and your pet.


If we have convinced you that epoxy is the way to go, we would suggest choosing 100% solids with a polyurethane topcoat. The polyurethane topcoat will enhance the above-listed benefits and extend the life of your epoxy floor.

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