Is epoxy floor good for soundproofing

A sound-absorbing floor is designed to absorb the sound waves that are transmitted when hard objects come in contact with its surface. Some flooring such as timber floors will amplify even small sounds. Seamless, resinous floors such as epoxy flooring can positively influence acoustics without sacrificing durability and function.

Benefits of epoxy flooring as sound absorbing floor

We all know that noise can have a negative effect on the body and people's performance. High levels of noise can worsen patient and staff outcomes in healthcare facilities and impede learning in schools.
High-performance epoxy coatings cure to a flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic or carts. High-end epoxy coatings display superior noise, vibration, and harshness dampening properties. Epoxy floors provide a premium sound reduction barrier over the substrate that typically outperforms cork underlayment.
With its soundproofing capabilities, epoxy floors can reduce distractions in schools and work environments, provide a healthier environment for employees, and a more comfortable environment for people to work, recover and concentrate.

Recommended Industries for soundproofed Epoxy floors?

Both commercials, industrial and residential facilities can benefit from epoxy coatings' soundproof abilities. Epoxy coatings are great for hospital rooms and corridors, schools and universities hallways, classrooms and libraries, museums, visitor centers, store aisles, and lobbies.

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