What Is The Best Flooring For Commercial Kitchens

Anywhere where food is handled, food grade flooring can be found. Butchers, delis, meatworks, and abattoirs are examples of food preparation areas, as are chillers, freezers, and produce departments in supermarkets.

Trolleys, high foot traffic, forklifts, hot oil spills, acids, and fats all wreak havoc on food grade flooring on a daily basis. These requirements are met by special epoxy and urethane cement flooring, which are impervious to liquid and unable to develop bacteria. Urethane cement is by far one of the most modern flooring solutions when it comes to food safety.

Check out below our top 3 recommended commercial kitchen flooring products on the market.

Sikafloor PurCem

Sika's product line includes Sikafloor PurCem, is a pioneer in the field of food-grade flooring. Sika's polyurethane cement flooring portfolio continues to expand year after year. It is by far one of the first solutions to place on your commercial kitchen floors, with options ranging from Slurry broadcast to Trowel grade food grade flooring and technical support for contractors.

Allnex Nuthane

Nuthane SB, a polyurethane cement, is one of the products in the Allnex commercial kitchen flooring line. They provide a variety of flooring alternatives, including a slurry broadcast polyurethane resin flooring system, and are a global leader in the food-grade flooring business. Nuthane SB complies with all food-related health and safety requirements around the world.

Master Builders Ucrete

Ucrete, a urethane cement from Master Builders, has been on the market for 50 years, making it one of the first urethane cement products on the market. Ucrete is a market leader in commercial kitchen flooring once again. You can't go wrong with Ucrete, a cementitious urethane flooring system designed to fulfill all health and safety food regulations, from a source like Master Builders you are backed by a global brand.

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