Most popular garage floor colors?

The hardest part of any garage floor is choosing the right epoxy floor finish and color. We find high-end homes that go with a solid epoxy color first and then epoxy flake flooring. We recommend epoxy flake flooring because the color combo hides a lot of defects in the concrete, acts as a flexible membrane, and is an all-around easy to clean and long last garage flooring system.

What is the most popular solid color epoxy garage floor?

A common trend with high-end homes is choosing light grey colors or more specifically Pipeline grey color for the garage floor. Light grey colors are not only a symbol of coolness, cleanliness and simplicity, but they are also very practical. 

For a start, they are great at reflecting light and brightening up for the garage or basement floor. As they reflect things off the floor, trying to find small items like bolts won’t be a problem or see if your car is losing any oil.

The downside of solid light-colored epoxy floors is that they do not hide any floor imperfections, such as dents cracks, tiny holes, or marks. Also, if the epoxy garage flooring is not protected by a topcoat, single-colored epoxy floors, tend to discolor over time, if exposed to sunlight.

What is the most popular epoxy flake garage flooring color?

The most recommended garage epoxy floor finish is an epoxy flake. Epoxy flake floor finish is a multi-layered decorative finish with a flexible membrane, that is long-lasting and easy to clean. Compared to solid-color epoxy flooring, flake flooring hides all of the small imperfections in the garage floor.

With the wide range of flake chips color combinations, you can achieve any decorative finish under the sun. From using your favorite team colors to matching your interior design, the sky is the limit.

If you want to achieve a more classy, but at the same time more practical look for when working in the garage, you can go for a combination of grey, black and white flakes, also known as Tuxedo mix.

What is the most popular metallic epoxy garage floor color?

The beauty of metallic epoxy is that you can choose any color combination you can think of. With metallic epoxy, you can achieve one-of-a-kind patterns and finishes, from imitating marble, wood, water, clouds to a crazy explosion of colors.

Metallic epoxy garage flooring is a really good option to create a very classy room that you can use not only for a garage but a man cave. A common color we see in metallic garage floors is blues, blacks, whites, greys, and even funky neon colors.

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