WHAT is the most cost effective patio flooring?

To make your outdoor space comfortable and usable, designing your patio or pool deck is a great place to start. Decorating your patio, pool deck, and backyard can be a time-consuming and costly project. If you are on a budget, you would want to find the most suitable and cost-effective flooring materials, in order to have enough budget to spend on the amazing garden furniture and plants you've bookmarked in Country Living and Home and Garden Magazines. There are plenty of cheap flooring options like gravel, pavers, and bricks, but they all come with a lot of downsides and a lot of maintenance.

Here is our list of flooring that might have a high initial cost, but will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

High-performance epoxy flake floor coatings are extremely durable and can withstand years of usage, without altering their appearance and performance. Epoxy flake floor system is the most durable and decorative epoxy system on the market. It is water and weather resistant, saving your underlaying concrete and home foundations from water damage and mold. It is UV stable, meaning it will not discolor under direct sunlight. It is decorative, with a huge range of flake color blends. It is durable and long-lasting, without the worry of weeds and grass growing through it, ensuring your floor will last decades to come. And finally, it is extremely easy to maintain, requiring only occasional mopping, without any waxing or polishing.

Grind and Seal

If you have a patio, chances are you already have the concrete floor laid. Concrete on its own is very strong and durable, but it is also very porous. With bare concrete, you need to be careful about water getting into it. If it freezes, it will expand and may cause cracks in the concrete. And not to mention the fine concrete dust that always lays on top of the concrete slab, making it look dirty.

Grind and seal is the way to go if you want to protect your patio concrete floor from damage and give it this rustic country feel. The way it is done is to grind the concrete, remove any dirt, stains, and dust, repair it and then seal it with a penetrating concrete sealer. The sealer strengthens the concrete, makes it non-porous, protecting it from stains, and gives it a nice satin or matte shine. You can also add an anti-slip agent to prevent any slip and fall accidents.

Quartz Shield Flooring

Quartz shield flooring is a combination of epoxy resin mixed with quartz granules. Similar to flake flooring, quartz shield is water and weather-resistant, abrasion, stain, and scratch-resistant. Designed for the toughest environments, a quartz shield can withstand anything you throw at it, from running dogs, dragging heavy outdoor furniture to the highly chlorinated pool water.

Rock/Stone Carpet

Do you love the gravel or stone look, but you don't have the time to deal with the constant maintenance associated with it? Stone carpet is the solution for you. It is a mixture of gravel-like stones together with a high-performance polyurethane coat. Once the concrete slab is waterproofed, the rock carpet is laid on top of it. Rock carpet is an affordable option that will last a long time and add visual interest and texture to your outdoor area. Unlike plain concrete, rock carpet is resistant to stains and has no seams. Thanks to the natural stone, the rock carpet never feels cold to touch. The best part is that rock carpet is highly customizable, allowing you to choose custom colors, borders, patterns, and even insignias.

If you are ready to change and improve your outdoor space with durable and long-lasting flooring, why not contact one of our trusted flooring experts below.

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