WHAT Flooring Can be installed outdoor?

Flooring it's not just for indoor use. The right flooring for your patio or driveway can not only make your home look prettier on the outside, but also make it more enjoyable to spend time outside and protect your home foundations.
There are many outdoor flooring options on the market, but some of them such as hardwood floors and tiles, even though they look nice, require a lot of maintenance and care.
Below we've gathered some non-traditional flooring options that not only will improve the look of your outdoor areas, but are durable, easy to upkeep and long-lasting.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Epoxy flake is one of the most decorative and durable flooring systems suitable for outdoor use. This system consists of 5 flexible layers of resin and hardener, combined with decorative vinyl flakes. The multiple layers and flexibility make epoxy flake extremely durable, withstanding years of usage without altering the appearance or performance of the floor.
The topcoats used in epoxy flake, make this system weather resistant, saving your underlaying concrete from cracking and your home foundations from water damage and mold. The UV properties of the topcoats prevent the floor from discoloration under direct sunlight, making it ideal for sunny places like Florida, California and Texas.
Since the floor has a smooth surface, stains and dirt cannot soak through it like with unsealed concrete floors, making it extremely easy to clean, requiring just occasional mopping.
Not having any gaps like hardwood decking or tiles, means that weed or grass will not be able to grow through your floor. And not to mention the thousand flake color blends you can choose from.

Grind and Seal

Grind and seal is an inexpensive option to protect your outside concrete, while giving it a facelift. Concrete on its own is very strong and durable, but it also very porous. Once the structural integrity of the concrete is damaged, concrete becomes prone to cracking, dusting and water soaking through it, not to mention that it will look dirty, tired and worn out.
Grind and seal is the way to go if you want to protect your patio concrete floor from damage and give it this rustic country feel. All you need to do it mechanically grind the top layer of your concrete, repair any cracks and holes in it and then seal it penetrating concrete sealer.
The sealer will strengthen the concrete, making it non-porous, protecting it from stains and give it a nice satin or matte shine.
And to make your patio, deck or balcony even safer, you can add an anti-slip agent to the sealer, to prevent any slip and fall incidents.

Quartz Shield Flooring

Quartz shield flooring is a combination of epoxy resin mixed with quartz granules. Similar to flake flooring, quartz shield is water and weather-resistant, abrasion, stain, and scratch-resistant. Designed for the toughest environments, a quartz shield can withstand anything you throw at it, from running dogs, dragging heavy outdoor furniture, heavy foot traffic to the highly chlorinated pool water. And just like flake flooring, quartz shield flooring comes in a variety of color making it easier to compliment your exterior design.

Rock/Stone Carpet

Do you love the country feel and look gravel and stone give, but you don't have the time to deal with the constant maintenance associated with it? Stone carpet, the new flooring product on the market is the solution for you.
This flooring is a mixture of different size rounded pebbles, marble pebbles, or quartzites, which are differently colored mixed with high-performance polyurethane coat.
Stone carpet is laid similarly to screed, where the concrete floor is firstly waterproofed and then the stone carpet laid on top of it.
Stone carpet comes with some great benefits such as soundproofing, ease of care, a pleasant running feel, high resistance to mechanical and thermal stress, durable, warm feel on the feet, but does not hold heat and well suited for allergy sufferers.
The best part is that stone carpet is highly customizable, allowing you to choose custom colors, size, borders and patterns. With stone carpet your outdoor patios, decks and pool decks will be the talk on the block.

If you are ready to change and improve your outdoor space with durable and long-lasting flooring, why not contact one of our trusted flooring experts below.

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