Epoxy Flooring And Polished Concrete Against Allergies

City life is becoming more polluted by the day, exposing us to different elements that can cause allergies. We are constantly exposed to dust from construction sites, traffic pollution, pollen, and mold. Our homes are covered in house dust top to bottom, even when we think it is not there, sometimes even mold.

Fine Dust And Pathogens

Mold, pet, and dust allergies are some of the most common allergies nowadays. The truth is we cannot escape these elements, but we can at least minimize them in our homes.

If you look around your home, we can guarantee that every single surface is covered with fine dust and pathogens. The easiest way to spread these pathogens around your house is through your floors.

Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring has a non porous mirror like surface making it almost impossible for dust, pet hair and mold to get trapped in the surface unlike other floor options.

Moisture And Mold

Bacteria, moisture, and mold can stick to the bottom of your shoes and then transfer to your floors like carpets, hardwood floors, and the grout between your tiles. Once these pathogens are trapped on your floor, walking around your house can easily transfer them to other surfaces, like your couch and bed.

Other Flooring Options Disadvantages

Carpets for example are a great place for mold growth like toxic mold, especially if they get wet. Not to mention all of the dust and dust mites they collect. Mold exposure can be blamed for different health symptoms like headaches, respiratory infections, and allergies. Mold can grow on any organic material which is moist, humid, and warm. Dust mites on the other hand can cause asthma and respiratory issues. Once they are trapped in your carpet, it is difficult to remove them even with a vacuum.

Tiles might be smooth and easy to clean, but the grout between them is porous, which makes it easy for bacteria and mold to get trapped in. 99% of the time we clean our tiles using a wet mop, without realizing that the water from the mop even in small quantities can penetrate the grout and get stuck there, resulting in potential mold growth, even in tiny amounts.

Hardwood floors for example can crack over time, which can result in pathogens and dust getting trapped in the cracks.

If you suffer from allergies, these floors are deemed non-hypoallergenic and require daily cleaning. If you are like us and you don't have time to vacuum and steam mop your floor every single day, then polished concrete and epoxy flooring are the way to go.

Why Polished Concrete And Epoxy Flooring Allergy-friendly

Both flooring options are classified as hypoallergenic floors and are great for people with asthma and other respiratory issues. Their smooth non-porous surfaces prevent allergens, dust mites, mold, moisture, or bacteria to grow, penetrate or live on the surface. As they are non-porous and smooth, cleaning is extremely easy and quick. All you will need is a dry or wet mop.

Not only these floors are a much healthier and cleaner option for your house, but they are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Polished Concrete for example uses the existing concrete slab, without a need for additional materials. Its light reflectivity can also reduce your electricity bills.

Both flooring options if installed properly, can last for years making it a long-term economical flooring option.

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