Polyurethane Cement FLooring vs Epoxy Flooring

Deciding which flooring option to go with depends on the type of property you want to use it for. If you are running an industrial facility that requires a floor that is extremely durable and can withstand heavy traffic, then polyurethane cement can be a better option.
There is one thing that's for sure both polyurethane cement flooring and epoxy flooring are durable and long-lasting, plus their sleek and modern look gives your facility an instant makeover.

Pros of polyurethane cement flooring

Polyurethane cement also known as polymer concrete, is ideal for industrial applications. When urethane is mixed with a normal cement and an aggregate, it creates a smooth, liquified mixture.
Because of the texture and finish of the mixture, urethane is unaffected by liquids. This makes it deal for the use in food and beverage industry.
The bond that the mixture creates, produces a smooth, even coating that is resistant against heat and moisture.
Industrial facilities, where a durable, moisture and heat resistant, anti-bacterial flooring is needed such as healthcare facilities, chemical production facilities, and research labs, are the ones that can greatly benefit from polyurethane cement flooring.

how to choose which polyurethane floor installation is best?

There are three different ways of installing urethane cement flooring. The best installation method depends mainly on your existing flooring and what is the floor used for. When deciding which method to choose is best to consult with your flooring expert.

Self Leveling Application
This method isn't as durable as the other two methods. It requires fewer people for the installation and the required timeframe for installation is significantly reduced.

Roller Applied
In this method the cement is laid on the floor and with the help of rollers it's even out. This application provides seamless finish. The thickness of the floor can vary depending on the what the floor is used for.

Trowel Applied
The polyurethane mixture is laid down and then even out. The cement is smoothed over with the use of trowels.

Pros of Epoxy flooring

If you’re more in need of concrete resurfacing, look no further than epoxy flooring.
Epoxy coatings are excellent for resurfacing concrete floors.
Epoxy is made of two parts: epoxy resin and hardener. As the mixture cures very fast, the secret to a successful epoxy flooring is mixing small batches and applying it quickly to the floor.
Epoxy cures into as smooth, seamless, non-porous surface. It is durable, long-lasting and can withstand heavy foot and machinery traffic.
It is ideal for warehouse use, aircraft hangars, hospitals, garages, showrooms and more. Whether chemicals, oils, or any other fluids are spilled on its surface, cleanup is fast and convenient.

The best of both worlds?

If you are wondering if you can combine epoxy and polyurethane, you are not the only one. For a lot of applications such as epoxy garage flooring, commercial epoxy flooring and even industrial epoxy flooring you can use epoxy as a base coat and polyurethane as a topcoat. To learn more about the benefits of polyurethane as a topcoat you can read this article.

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