How do you repair a concrete floor in a warehouse?

Is your warehouse floor damaged, putting your employees and equipment at risk? Learn how to restore your warehouse floor in the most efficient way possible. When it comes to a warehouse and smooth operation, the floor is a big part of this from keeping your staff safe and your product dust free.

Broken Warehouse Concrete floors

When your warehouse has broken concrete, it damages your forklift tires and slows down your process by either avoiding potholes or requiring extra cleaning. Repairing damaged concrete will make your daily activities safer and faster; the best option for doing so is to use epoxy mortar repair. How? The contractor will first use a concrete cutter to remove the damaged concrete. Then they'll jack hammer the damaged concrete to remove any loose concrete, leaving a good clean surface for the epoxy floor repair to adhere to.

After the concrete repair has been jack hammered and loose debris has been picked up, clean the area thoroughly with a vacuum and compressed air to eliminate any remaining dust, leaving the repair spotless. The epoxy resin is next used to prime the concrete repair, ensuring that it is completely bonded to the existing concrete.

After it has been primed, the contractor will prepare an epoxy resin and dry sand combination known as epoxy concrete mortar, which will be scooped and packed tightly into the concrete repair. It's then troweled smooth, making it flat with the original concrete and level, removing any potential trip hazards. The epoxy mortar repair is then top coated with epoxy resin to make it nice and robust after it has cured.

Epoxy Coating Protects Your Warehouse Floor by Acting As A Bandage

The first stage is to prepare your warehouse concrete floor by doing concrete repair; however, even though this procedure will last a long time, there is one more step that will benefit you and limit the number of future repairs you will need to make. This is where an epoxy coating may help; by repairing your concrete floor, diamond grinding the warehouse floor smooth, and then putting a two-coat 100 percent solids epoxy coating, your concrete will be protected for years to come. The epoxy coating will act as a bandage for your concrete, keeping it in place and preventing future damage, or at the very least reducing the amount of concrete repair required.

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