Can you clean polished concrete with bleach?

Congratulations, on your new awesome floor. Doesn't polished concrete just make your place feel so much more trendy and warm?
Now when your floor is ready for use, you are probably wondering how to maintain its shine and glass like surface.

What not to use to clean polished concrete?

We are sure your floor installer has already mentioned this to you, but we will say it again.
If you want to keep your floor looking brand new, do not use any bleach, ammonia, citrus cleaners, pine based cleaners, vinegar or any highly acidic substance. We know they are very good at killing all germs that are running on your floor, but they are not pH neutral and they can break down or dull the sealant on your concrete floor.

What to clean your polished concrete with?

Now when we saved your new polished concrete floor from looking like dull and tired flooring, let's look at how you can clean your floor.
The beauty of polished concrete is that it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Like every other surface, you will need a basic cleaning schedule, but the only thing you will require is a mop, bucket, some warm water and some mild detergent.
Examples of mild detergents are Castile soap, liquid dish detergent, stone cleaners and mild floor cleaners. Mix it with water and just simply mop the floor.
For more of a deep clean of your floor, you can use a scrubber and a high speed burnisher, to scrub it and shine it.

How often should you clean your polished concrete?

If your polished concrete is in a supermarket, retail store, restaurant or anywhere with a high foot traffic, you will want to clean your floor if not daily, at least couple of times per week. If it is a big area, you can use a scrubber to quickly remove all of the dirt on it left from the busy day and burnish it, to make it shiny for the next working day. These two steps will ensure your floor is looking like brand new for longer.

In residential homes, you would want to mop your floor at least twice a week, to ensure there is no dirt stuck to it, covering the shine of the polished concrete.

Like we said polished concrete is extremely easy to clean and maintain, so if you still don't have it in your home or business, why not contact one of our trusted flooring experts now.

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