Can you epoxy interior floors?

Epoxy floors are becoming more and more popular not only for commercial and industrial use but also in residential homes. Long gone are the days when homeowners associated epoxy with garage flooring.
The use of epoxy coatings has spread inside homes ranging from kitchen and bathroom floors to kitchen tops and decorative backdrops. The possibilities are endless with epoxy.
No matter if a house has a modern or traditional interior design, versatile epoxy floors can meet any design need to bring a homeowner’s dream to life.


If you are bored of the options traditional flooring offers, epoxy is the solution for you. Epoxy coatings come in a huge range of colors and decorative finishes. You can choose from plain epoxy colors, to brighten and elevate what lives in your space. You can personalize your floor with metallic epoxy to imitate stone, marble, water, clouds, or just express your personality. If you are dreaming of polished concrete, but your concrete slab is not suitable for polishing you can choose epoxy flake to imitate polished concrete.
The best part is that you can build your kitchen workbenches with epoxy or do wall backdrops, to create a seamless transition between your walls and floors.

Brightens any space

Have you wondered why manufacturing facilities and auto repair shops use epoxy for their floors? One of the reasons is its durability, but also because of its reflective properties.
Epoxy floors can instantly brighten any room and make space appear bigger. Aside from being used to make areas brighter, epoxy can save on lighting bills by creating interior designs that use more natural light.

Easy to clean

Compared to other flooring options epoxy coatings are extremely easy to clean and with their non-porous surface, they do not harbor any bacteria or allergens. This is why hospitals and health care facilities choose to use epoxy for their floors.
With epoxy flooring cleaning a broken jar of Bolognese or jam or other spills will be like a kid's play. And since we mentioned a kid's play, epoxy floors can be ideal for kids' bedrooms. If your kid loves expressing themselves through drawing on the walls and floors, drawing on an epoxy floor means less time spent trying to remove the drawings (that's of course if you don't want to keep them).

Durable and Scratch Resistant

If you like to reorganize your space or you have four-legged family members, epoxy flooring is ideal for you. Not only is extremely durable but also resistant to scratches. You won't need to worry anymore about your pets scratching your floor during playtime. Homeowners will be happy to know that epoxy coatings are not only human-safe but also pet-friendly.

Personalized epoxy

The benefits of epoxy flooring are becoming more widespread knowledge. But all of that durability, long-lasting and easy maintenance talk aside, what truly makes epoxy flooring popular is the ease of personalizing not only your floor with it but also the space around it, to match your home.

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