How much to epoxy Your garage floor

Price is always an important factor when making purchase decisions. For a lot of property and business owners, the cost of installing epoxy can initially seem high, but the truth is that in the long run epoxy flooring is a lot more economical that other traditional flooring options.

According to HomeAdvisor, a home owner can expect to pay anything between $3 to $12 per square foot. This price will include product and labor.

Epoxy Flooring cost per Square Foot

Epoxy flooring costs $3 to $12 per square foot, including installation. The price per square foot depends on many factors. Some of them are the type of product used (water-based or 100% solids epoxy), the square footage of the project, the condition of the existing floor and the labor cost.

Choosing a water-based epoxy will be cheaper than 100% solids epoxy, but also the life span of your new floor will be shorter. Opting for more expensive epoxy products like 100% solids epoxy, means that the floor will be more durable, it will last longer and it will require less maintenance, than cheaper options.
To learn more about water-based and 100% solids epoxy, you can read here.

Average Cost to Epoxy Garage Floors

Like we said above, the cost really depends on the product used and the size of the project. But as a guidance, a one-car garage can cost anything between $750 to $3,000 to epoxy. A two-car garage can cost anything between between $1,200 and $6,000.
Bare in mind that if the concrete requires extensive repairs or more coats, due to porosity, the end price can be more expensive than the one initially quoted.

DIY vs Hiring a Flooring Expert

The initial cost of applying epoxy paint by yourself is greatly lower than hiring a flooring expert. However, this is for a reason. When hiring a professional, you pay not only for someone to paint your floor, but to also properly prepare the floor for the epoxy coating and ensure the coating will do its job for longer than 1-2 years.
If you want to learn more about doing it yourself and hiring an expert, click here.

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