How to epoxy Your garage floor

Learn how to epoxy your garage floor using epoxy paint, to protect your garage floor from stains and damage while also providing a durable surface for a showroom appearance.

5 Steps To Epoxy Your Garage Floor

Step 1: Diamond grind your garage floor with a concrete grinder. Learn why diamond grinding is the preferred floor prep method.
Step 2: Clean cracks and holes in your garage concrete floor.
Step 3: Fill holes and cracks with an epoxy paste.
Step 4: Apply epoxy primer to your garage floor.
Step 5: Apply epoxy top coat to your garage floor.

Step 1: Diamond grinding Garage Floor

Before applying epoxy to your garage floor, you must first clean the concrete and remove any coatings or contaminants. To do this, use a vacuum-attached concrete grinder to diamond grind the whole garage floor back to bare clean concrete.

Step 2: Clean Cracks And Holes In Your Garage Concrete Floor

You will be able to see every crack and hole in the floor once you have a clean and bare concrete floor in your garage. To clean the cracks, use a hand-held concrete cutter to softly chase out all of the crevices. This eliminates any loose particles from the concrete cracks. Now you're ready to vacuum the garage floor; an alternative technique is to use a leaf blower to blast out the gaps and holes that the vacuum can't reach. For epoxy flooring, the cleaner the concrete is the better.

Step 3: Fill holes and cracks with an epoxy paste.

Now that you've cleaned the whole garage floor, as well as the concrete cracks and holes, you're ready to fill the gaps and holes with epoxy paste. To achieve this, combine epoxy resin and filler powder to make an epoxy paste that is ready to repair the holes and cracks. Using a broad knife or a concrete trowel, paste the cracks and holes so that the epoxy paste reaches the bottom of the crack and is flush with the top of the concrete floor.

Step 4: Apply epoxy primer to your garage floor.

To apply epoxy primer to your garage floor, begin by preparing enough to paint the concrete around the borders, a process known as cutting in. After you've coated the epoxy primer around the perimeter of the garage floor, you're ready to roll it on the rest of the way. Make enough epoxy to cover the garage floor; the application rate may be found on the epoxy data sheets for the product you're using. A excellent approach is to roll on epoxy from left to right and then back roll, front to back, once enough epoxy has been applied to the garage floor.

Step 5: Apply epoxy top coat to your garage floor.

Scrape the floor, vacuum, and epoxy paste any gaps and cracks before putting the final top layer of epoxy to your garage floor. Apply the epoxy top coat in the same manner as the epoxy primer, rolling on side to side and back to back. Back rolling your epoxy ensures that the garage floor finish is applied evenly to the floor.

Conclusion On How To Epoxy Garage Floor

Preparation is critical; by diamond grinding the floor, you ensure that the epoxy can properly bind to the garage concrete floor. You are fixing the floor by filling the concrete cracks and holes with epoxy paste. By cross rolling the epoxy on your garage floor, you uniformly apply the resin and create a lovely well-coated surface that will last you for years.

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