How to decorate A concrete patio?

Patio concrete flooring frequently becomes an eyesore after years of exposure to the elements. If neglected and not properly maintained, the concrete deteriorates and becomes a dusty broken issue.

Re-decorating your outdoor concrete patio is simple with new polyurea and polyaspartic flake flooring. Flake flooring will restore the attractiveness of your outdoor space while also protecting it for the next 20 years.

Remove concrete dust
Every time we come in from our patio or driveway, we stomp dust into our home. This can easily be solved by removing the core issue - the concrete dust that lays on top of our unsealed surfaces. By utilizing a decorative flake floor, you minimize concrete dust by sealing the concrete, which means your home will be much cleaner.

Repair cracked patio concrete.
With damaged or cracked patio concrete, it is just a matter of time before either the concrete fractures to the point that it cannot be repaired and must be replaced, or someone stumbles and falls. By covering the concrete with a concrete overlay or flake flooring, you protect it from breaking and water and moisture penetrating through it. Letting water penetrate through your cracked driveway or patio, can lead to corrosion of your house foundations and moisture and mold issues in your home. This is why the first step in any concrete resurfacing option is to repair the concrete.

Increase the value of your home
By decorating your patios with an epoxy flake or polyurea flake floor, you will ultimately increase the value of your property. Add a splash of color to your patio concrete, much as you would to your roof and exterior walls, to create a warm and welcome outdoor space.

How it's done
The first step in decorating your patio concrete floor is to prepare the concrete using a concrete grinder, removing any previous coating, and producing a surface on which the new floor system can bond to.
Second, fix the concrete by eliminating any damage, filling cracks, and so forth. The third step is applying a resin primer and adding the flake chips to the wet resin. The next step is to apply a topcoat on the flake, sealing off the flake and creating an easy to clean surface.

By painting your patio floor, you may repair cracked concrete, reduce concrete dust from your home, increase the value of your property, and create a pleasant outside space.

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