How much to polish concrete floors?

So you want to know how much it costs to polish concrete flooring. There is no predetermined pricing for concrete polishing because it is determined by a variety of factors.

1 - The location. 
2 - Exposure of stone. 
3 - Sheen finish, which includes matte, gloss, mid gloss, and high gloss. 
4 - The contractor's experience. 
5 - The equipment. 
6 - Polishing pads.
7 - Repair of cracks and concrete. 
8 - The job's size.

So, given the above, it is clear that it is difficult to state that one price suits all jobs.
In other words, just because you have a lesser budget does not mean you have to have a budget job. If you have a limited budget, you can also go for lesser stone exposure and a lower sheen.
In general the higher the stone exposure (1500 grit and higher), the higher the cost of the job is.

If you want a luxurious finish, aim for complete stone exposure, full concrete restoration, and high gloss. Any polished concrete contractor may easily come to your job site and measure it, work out your project demands, and measure up. They may give you two rates, one for high end work and one for ordinary budget friendly work; all alternatives will still be top notch work.

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